Cloud brushes for Photoshop 

Cloud brushes!

 New freebie in the blog.
This week I prepared for you two brushes for Adobe Photoshop, made with real clouds and you can use them as clouds or smoke.
Here you have the previews:


 If you want to learn how to make your own brushes check this videos out:

1.- How To Create a Smoke/Fog Brush In Photoshop at the Jesus Ramirez's Photoshop Training Channel

2.- How to Create a Smoke in Photoshop by Nemanja Sekulic:

3.- A quick video explaining the brush tool by Nathaniel Dodson: The Brush Tool - Photoshop

They are all great channels to learn about Photoshop, Illustrator and other softwares as well.

Behind the Scenes

1.- Ufo stock image I used for the composite image cover: Isolated Ufo Spaceship by Gerhard Janson.
2.- Font in use: Aviator Font by Pavel Korzhenko
3.- Download the brushes here:



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