This is an artwork I made for a friend who loves cats. The work was to paint the ceiling of his kitchen. I decided to create a small version of The Sistine Chapel. Well, in this case is The Cuisine Chapel. Obviously I replaced the characters with Cats. A lot of them. Angels-cats, Adan-cats, Eve-Cats, and even a God-Cat creating the first cat. I am absolutely mad.

Recently I won a great extension for Dreamweaver: Fleximenus JS. Thanks to Tripwire Magazine for the prize. By the way, this is a great website for Designers and Developers. Fleximenus JS is very useful for creating, without coding, a lot of menus., with a very affordable price. Cristian Dorobantescu, from Extend Studio, asked me a review about the product, in spanish.
Now you can read the article:

My first article at Colorburned was about illustrators. There are 60 illustrations of 10 illustrators I admire. Read it By the way, It is an amazing place to find a lot of useful resources and Grant Friedman, the owner of the site, is a very professional designer (now a Photographer - 2016) and he always has a nice attitude. Visit his site at: