Trailer Le Fabuleux Destin dÁmelie Poulain

Everything is baroque and all the colors saturated. It is funny and sad. 
There is a lovable role of Amélie Poulain which took Audrey Tautou to the fame. 
You must pay attention to the details, even when it is very difficult to notice all what is happening in the sides of the story.
Finally, a intense and naive love story. Old fashioned way.
It is absolutely recommended for designers and illustrators and artists in general just because it is insanely beautiful.

(Click on the image for the trailer)

Check for the LUT and Curve I created to give your photographies the look of the color grading of the movie: 

I finally received Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a present from my cousin Carolina and her husband.
Look the images I took. Thank you Carolina and Bob!

This is the cover:

And this is my hand. And my illustration for the Chapter 6.

If you buy the book in Amazon, you are helping Oxfam.