Pablo Lara H

Pablo Lara H is an illustrator, photographer and web designer. 

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Edición 12 07 2021:

El primer cuento a dos manos en el blog: Piel Negra.


If you have an idea of a thing to post, like:

- Brushes.

- Color palettes.

- Questions about the topics I am usually covering like Photography, Illustration or Web Design.

- Suggestions.

- Etc

... Do not hesitate:

Contact me.

I am always looking for fresh ideas.

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Michael Andreuzza Newsletter : Joe Dallesandro Illustration.


River of Men book.

Book River of Men / Rio de Homens by Pablo Lara H (Promotional Video) from Pablo Lara H on Vimeo.

Interview at Nenuno

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Borough Market

Featured Article at Inspiredology:

It is under the name of the new owner of the blog, I supposed, but I wrote this article a long time ago with the pictures I took in my first trip to Rio:

Found Typography In Rio De Janeiro