Free Luts based in Wes Anderson films

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 I hope this period of isolation had been useful and productive for you. And I sincerely hope you are safe and healthy.
I have been doing a lot of edition work with old pictures to post on my Instagram feed. 

And I had the idea of creating some luts to help the edition or colorgrading work of others easier.
I have been decoding the colors of some famous images. And as usual, I go back to the movies I loved and seen. One of my favorites directors is Wes Anderson. 
I made some color palettes based on his films and I posted about the new movie.

Today I came with six luts based on Moonrise Kingdom, The French Dispatch & The Grand Budapest Hotel. I haven't tried yet with video, so if some of you try to use it for a movie or short, please tell me. 

The 3D lookup tables (3D LUTs) are used to map one color space to another. 

Check this easy tutorial on how to use LUTs:

Create a subtle or dramatic change in your photo’s appearance by applying a Color Lookup adjustment layer in Adobe Photoshop.

Now they are a native function in Photoshop. 
I was using curves to emulate some aesthetics of film colors. But LUTs allows you to use other tools from Photoshop and, in the end, you ship it everything in one file.

Here I made some examples of use of the LUTs. In some images you have to modify the opacity of the LUT and/or:
- add a curve to increase the luminosity of an image.
-correct the white balance.
-correct de exposure.
All the images I used as examples were previously color-corrected.

So, let's see what I got with these 3 LUTs :

 And these ones are some examples I created using images from Unsplash & Pixabay:

Behind the Scenes

1.- All the images from Unsplash & Pixabay. Check them to meet the authors and compare to the original coloring:

Examples before & after:

hisu lee unsplash 
simona todorova unsplash
davide castaldo unsplash
Faridaridhwan Pixabay
jamakassi unsplash
sean stratton unsplash

 Other examples:

alexandre lecocq unsplash
alina kovalchuk unsplash
church of the king unsplash
haley lawrence unsplash
henri meilhac unsplash
humphrey muleba unsplash
jochen burkhard unsplash
zhengtao-tang- unsplash

2.- Download the 3 Wes Anderson inspired LUTS (two versions each) in four (4) different formats
(3DL, CSP, Cube & ICC profile). 42,5 MB.
You can use it in personal or commercial projects.
Please credit me as the creator of the LUTs (wink, wink).


Alternative Link:
3.- If you use them please tag me on your photos on Instagram or Twitter. Have fun!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi. I haven't tested in video yet.But DaVinci Resolve accepts LUTs in cube format. I hope you can use it and show me your creation.

  2. Hi! the files can't be downloaded from, do you have another link for the luts? thank you!!!

    1. Hi Zorra del Espacio, there is an alternative link to download the LUTs. Check it!

  3. Hey! I can't download them, is everything okay with the files on your end?

    1. Hi Darling Willow, there is an alternative link to download the LUTs. Check it!

  4. Hi! for some reason the Dropbox link isn't working :(

    1. Hi Film Luva, there is an alternative link to download the LUTs. Check it!


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