I am very happy because I was accepted at 9rules.

9rules is a place where members and readers can connect, build relationships, and learn new things. 9rules started in 2003 with a set of 9 rules:

   1. Love what you do.
   2. Never stop learning.
   3. Form works with function.
   4. Simple is beautiful.
   5. Work hard, play hard.
   6. You get what you pay for.
   7. When you talk, we listen.
   8. Must constantly improve.
   9. Respect your inspiration.
In 2006 we realized we had two needs to fill, those of our members and our readers. We found that our member and reader needs were very different and to make things more complex, the needs of our readers varied greatly. To address those issues a drastic change was required for the 9rules site. The new site, Ali, had two areas. One area for member content and one for socializing.
Hey, We Never Said We Were Perfect

When Ali launched there was confusion on what 9rules was. Was it a blog network? A portal? A social site? A Digg clone? A Delicious clone? Adding the new features confused our readers. At first The Triad thought it was a design issue but, after the new design launched, realized the root problem.

The 9rules brand was as a collection of blogs. Period.

There is a lot to say about global warming. I was thinking a special way to show you how where are transforming our planet in a scary place where our children will live.
And nothing more interesting that a video and articles I  found on the web about Global warming and ways to avoid it.

22 of the best Green Web Designs

Changing Actions Wallpaper by Alex Beltechi

Top 20 ways for web developers to reduce their carbon footprint

Don´t buy green:

Green Tour on Google Campus


How Freelancers Can Run Greener Businesses

Do Your Part by Using a Green Web Host

Climate Change is about people

Climate Change: How Photographers Can Make a Difference

Blog Action Day 2009: How to Change the Climate in Your Workplace


A new guest article at Colorburned, this time is about street art or graffiti. These are some of my exclusive photos of my last vacations in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Thank you to all the people who digg the article.

Read it at:


This is an artwork I made for a friend who loves cats. The work was to paint the ceiling of his kitchen. I decided to create a small version of The Sistine Chapel. Well, in this case is The Cuisine Chapel. Obviously I replaced the characters with Cats. A lot of them. Angels-cats, Adan-cats, Eve-Cats, and even a God-Cat creating the first cat. I am absolutely mad.

Recently I won a great extension for Dreamweaver: Fleximenus JS. Thanks to Tripwire Magazine for the prize. By the way, this is a great website for Designers and Developers. Fleximenus JS is very useful for creating, without coding, a lot of menus., with a very affordable price. Cristian Dorobantescu, from Extend Studio, asked me a review about the product, in spanish.
Now you can read the article:

My first article at Colorburned was about illustrators. There are 60 illustrations of 10 illustrators I admire. Read it http://colorburned.com/60-stunning-illustrations-from-10-incredible-artists/ By the way, It is an amazing place to find a lot of useful resources and Grant Friedman, the owner of the site, is a very professional designer (now a Photographer - 2016) and he always has a nice attitude. Visit his site at: http://colorburned.com/

I love vampires. In all sizes and topics. When I was a child I watch every movie about them on the tube. Scared, but with my eyes wide open. Then I discovered the elegance of the Coppola's "Bram Stocker's Dracula". I learned all the speeches by heart. And then came "30 days of night", with that scary views of the people being hunted by the vampires. Cool.

I made an e-book for all the kids and specially for one of them. Antonia is a five years old girl who is living tough times right now. Her parents are divorced and she left her house (the only house she feels as a home). And now she is living with her mother and her grandpa. She is seeing her dad just two times a month.
This is not a wonderful world for her.
She is not eating enough because she is sad.
And I want to make her happy.
This is the tale a made for her. Read it with your heart and use the brain just for keeping your memories.

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Everything is an excuse to draw, even something you can`t remember.
I am hardly trying to remember a movie about a guy trapped in an old house, near of a cemetery. Somebody explains to him the story of the town with illustrations and how they discovered strange people in the cemetery. The strangers ate dead people.
I remember very clearly the illustrations. But the name of the movie...

By the way, I have drawn a zombie.

Jane Hart recientemente publicó el Top 25 de Herramientas para Profesionales del E-Learning. Esta lista fue compilada por encuestas a profesionales del E-Learning de todo el mundo y la mayoría de las herramientas son gratis.

Miren el slide para una vista panorámica de las herramientas y vean el sitio de Jane para más información.

Traducido desde: http://elearningweekly.wordpress.com/2009/05/22/25-tools-a-toolbox-for-learning-professionals/

¿Cómo hago para generar un sitio donde un grupo de personas pueda colaborar en gestar un contenido?

Una respuesta muy obvia es una wiki.

Wiki es una página web que puede ser editada por un gran número de usuarios, relacionados o no. Un ejemplo de esto es la archiconocida Wikipedia.

Una explicación muy españolaza es la que dan en el doblaje en video de Wikis in Plain English.



Hoy tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a Daniel Seoane. Él es profesor de eClass en la Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Es además Director en la Agencia Activ@mente.

Ha trabajado como voluntario en la ONG Acción Emprendedora y como profesor de marketing en Infocap.

Hablamos del e-marketing, del trabajo como voluntario y de la web 2.0 y 3.0

El trabajo voluntario es para ser feliz

Daniel Seoane

Updated 25/07/2016: 

 Escucha la entrevista a Daniel Seoane:


Esta entrevista fue publicada por primera vez en Podcaster.

Social Source Commons es un sitio digno de premios. Provee información sobre herramientas para las personas que trabajan en ONG`s y para cualquiera que desee mejorar la forma de expresión en internet.

Muchos de los usuarios de SSC han configurado un maletín de herramientas o Toolboxes que hacen muy fácil el uso de tecnologías como redes sociales, creación de páginas web, creación de blogs, programas de gestión de contenidos, educación on-line, browsers, etc.

Periódicamente aparecen en la sección de New Tools (Nuevas Herramientas), una batería de implementos útiles. Ahí es donde se debe discriminar. Aparecen herramientas pagadas y otras gratuitas, herramientas con free-trial y de gratuidad permanente. Así que se deben explorar las páginas para determinar si la herramienta es útil o inútil a tus preferencias.

Los invito a conocer el sitio en: