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I am part of a network in The Dots, where you can post your work and exchange ideas with creative peers. Some of them ask questions. The first question I answered was about Accessibility. This is my second answer: Online Photography Communities.

I am not stating obvious places to look: Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. I do not know if Flickr is working anymore or it is now in the limbo resting in peace along with MySpace.

These are the places I found:

1.- Behance:

A portfolio online & an enormous community of artists, which includes Photographers.

2.- Foto Community:


3.- Forums:

Interesting article from Expert Photography by Joshua Dunlop about the old fashioned way to meet other people: forums.

4.- Photo Net:

Promoted as The Internet's Original Photography Community, Since 1993

5.- Unsplash:

A community and free photos from everybody.

6.- Visura:

Connect with storytellers and journalists worldwide.

7.- 500px:

As Visura & Behance, is a sort of portfolio online, but it is creating some interesting things, like educational resources.

8.- Reddit Photography:

The place where you can learn and see anything, the Photography topic is present too.

9.- Discord:

You can search Photography servers on Discord or search here too:

10.- Vero:


11.- Deviantart


12.- VSCO


13.- Degoo


14.- Pixelfeed


Behind the Scenes

Photography used to make the cover by Julius Drost.


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