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Eight years ago I published the first version of the Disketticons, so I decided to celebrate this year remembering the good 90s, with a remake: "Disketticons 90s", adding more social networks and giving a new funkier palette and more recognizable icons.

If you want to check the old ones:

Or some 90s color palettes I made recently:

It contains 6 different sizes (512, 256, 128, 64, 32 & 16 pixels) of Social Networks icons in a 90s color palette version: 

2.- Behance
3.- Github
4.- Instagram
5.- Linkedin
6.- Pinterest
7.- Snapchat 
8.- TikTok
9.- Twitter
10.- YouTube

The icons were made with Inkscape, a free software to create vector images and Adobe Photoshop.

And one of the funniest scenes at Friends: Seven.

Behind the Scenes

1. The Mac of the glitch image is an Unsplash photo by Federica Galli.

2. Download all the Disketticons 90s in a zip here


3.- The font in use in the cover I created is: 

 Westmeath  by  Fontdation from Twicolabs Design

4.- The Notepad window in MacOs from the 90s was taken from screenshots by  GuidedBook Gallery

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