Freebie: Disketticons Social Icons

Freebie, Disketticons Social Icons by Pablo Lara H

I am pretty excited because this is the first freebie I am offering in the blog.

The freebie consist of twelve icons with the shape of an old 3 1⁄2-inch floppy disk, with six pixeled logos of social networks: Behance, Dribble, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter.

 I have created two kind of icons. The first set is a normal floppy disk. The second series are some funky and 80's floppy disks with the logos in deep pink.

They come in three sizes: 32, 64 and 128 pixels, with two versions each one.

The first version has normal weight and the second was heavily optimized for web. You decide which one to use.

I hope you like the icons and please contact me if you are experiencing any issue downloading the resource.

Download the kit

Behind the Scenes

 The fonts I used for the cover are:
The Title: Grand Quatre by David Slaager .
The blurb text in small size is Giotto FLF by Robin Casady, Richard Ware & Michael Wright.


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