Instagram Stories Free Template: 9 Favorite Songs

Instagram Stories about songs

To share some music based on a topic in your Instagram Stories is very popular here in Brazil, so I decided to create an English version of the game.
I called it 9 Favorite Songs.
You have to put it 9 times in your Stories with a different song over the proper number, according to the label. Over the number 1 is your favorite dancing music and so on.

Here it is in jpg format. To download just click on it and right click on you mouse, and select ''save image as...'' from the menu. Choose a folder on your computer where you would like to save the picture, name the file, and click save. Or right click on your touchpad or mouse and click save as, and you will be able to name it.

Behind the Scenes

Font in use: Abril Fatface by Type Together.
Image: Turquoise by Juja Han.


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