Color Palettes based on Gaspar Noe's Climax

Gaspar Noe's Climax


is a 2018 psychological horror film directed, written and co-edited by Gaspar Noé. An international co-production between France and Belgium, the film takes place during Winter 1996 within a single building, and features a large ensemble cast of twenty-four (led by Sofia Boutella) portraying a French dance troupe throwing an after-party after a rehearsal; however, the celebrations take a darker turn when everyone becomes increasingly agitated and confused.

You will want to watch this one.As all of the other Noe's films is shocking and surprising. Sometimes gore. But the thing that striked me the most is the use of colors and the weird takes, camera movements that make us feel as we were in a different dimension. It remind me the aesthetics of Stranger Things or any other cyberpunk movie or anime.

I made an illustration of the Romain Guillermic's character, David.

illustration of the Romain Guillermic's character, David. Sketch

illustration of the Romain Guillermic's character, David. Final illustration

Movie Poster "Climax" featuring a red floor where lay all the characters of the movie. It is written in vertical in big letters encapsulated in a yellow lined rectangle: Climax.

I absolutely recommend this movie, but I have to warn you because of the strong scenes and the violence of some situations, not necessarily gross, but very disturbing.

Watch the trailer:

YouTube cover of the Gaspar Noé's Climax with Sofia Boutella with yellow dress and dancers on the floor rising thier hands to her

Trailer link:

Behind the Scenes

1. Font in use: Helvetica Now Text Black by Monotype.
2. Click the palette to download the colors (5) in different formats (Color Schemer Studio, SVG, Expression Design Swatch, WPF Resource Dictionary, Silverlight XAML, Adobe Swatch Exchange, ACO, AI, GPL, HTML or everything in a zip file), at Colourlovers:
i.- Color Palette Climax Noe:
ii.-Color Palette Climax Noe Violets:
iii.- Color Palette Climax Noe Vibrant:
iv.- Color Palette Climax Noe Lúcuma:
v.- Color Palette Climax Noe Roses:
vi.- Color Palette Climax Noe Choc:

4. You can download this tartan pattern at Colourlovers in different sizes or Download this image for your phone:


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