Magnolia,flowers,Pablo Lara H,collage Magnolia,flowers,Pablo Lara H,collage

I have found near home a street crowded with magnolia trees. So beautiful.
Then I remembered two things:
A poem by Pablo Neruda:
"A pure magnolia, round as a snowy circle, reached my window and soothed me with her beauty. Between her smooth leaves — ochre and emerald — in seclusion, she was perfect, a heavenly egg. In her, the moon's bedrock shattered: sweet shards of Aphrodite, a platinum planet. Her sublime petals reminded me of the sheets of the first lovers' moon, and her erect pistil embodied the bees' wedding tower."
(Translated by Maria Jacketti in the blog

And the Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia movie. I recommend it to watch. This is the main theme by Aimee Mann, Wise Up.
The pictures frames are freebies from the awesome blog: . Check it.


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