Freebie: Retro Graphic Assets, Ampersand & Aldus Leaf.

Fictional tennis magazine that is the cover of this article, with the fantastic photography of Cotton ( ig: cottonbro ).  Title in yellow: Tennis Match. Subtitle at the bottom in white: Tennis Scoring System. Picture of a man sat in a chair as view from below. He is wearing tennis shoes and he looks like a man from the 80s or 70s.

The 70s are back!

t's freebie time!

I have created them inspired by some seventies magazines I was researching & some graphic assets I found in an old typography book on Internet Archive, where you can download and /or research thousands of typographic books and material.

I created 15 different Retro Graphic Assets Lines in black (svg). 


an ampersand from the Akzidenz Grotesk Fett Blei (Public Domain).

an ampersand of my creation, and;

an Aldus Leaf in svg format.

Do you know what is a SVG file? Read it here:

In the examples, I change the colors and made repetitions. If you need a free graphic editor, check Photopea dot com. I was surprised is capable of editing even Adobe Illustrator files.

I created the SVG files using the free Inkscape software & Photoshop for the rest of the work.

And I made some examples layouts as posters or magazines covers:

The first one is a fictional tennis magazine that is the cover of this article, with the fantastic photography of  Cotton ( ig: cottonbro ). The coloring was made with my free LUTs inspired by Wes Anderson movies, the most downloaded freebie I have created.

The second is a layout inspired by the Macleans Magazine ( 1970-06-01), found on Internet Archive. The Lorem Ipsum is zombieipsum dot com. The photography is mine, from the men on the beach playing Futebol de Areia. Check more at

The third example layout is inspired by the German Novum (April 4, 1972). 

Behind the Scenes

Font in use: NAN Holo by |\| △ |\| on Tw: @nan_xyz_.
Font in use: NewYork Typeface by Artem Nevsky.
Font in use: Free Font: Excon by Fontshare.
Mockup in use: Kraft box mockup, Chinese New Year packaging design psd by Rawpixel
Mockup in use: Plastic Bag Overlay Texture by Pixelbuddha.
Image of Low-Angle Shot of a Man with a Moustache Looking at the Camera by Cotton.

Download freebie "Retro Graphic Assets, Ampersand & Aldus Leaf.":


Download freebie "70's Nordic Sweater Color Palette":
Click to download the colors (5) in different formats (Color Schemer Studio, SVG, Expression Design Swatch, WPF Resource Dictionary, Silverlight XAML, Adobe Swatch Exchange, ACO, AI, GPL & HTML. Everything in a zip file. Made at Colourlovers . com



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