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A few weeks ago I joined, a network of people collecting interesting links of different topics, as design, typography, magazine layouts, articles, and whatever you can imagine.
These days I have been redesigning my website, so I was looking for small icons of to add to the social area, but I couldn't find. So, I decided to make them myself. Finally I did it with asterisks and css on my website, but I created them for general use.

First, what is

" is a visual organization tool designed to help you think and create. It lets you build simple collections of content by adding links and files of any kind." 

Follow me there:

Behind the Scenes

1.- The logo of is copyrighted by

2.- The logo mockup of the cover was made by:
Lil Bro

3.- Download the 4 different versions of icons, in 8 sizes: 
a.- 8 pngs Black on White background.
b.- 8 pngs White on Black background.
c.- 8 pngs Black logo with transparent background.
d.- 8 svg in black color.
The svgs were made with Inkscape, a free software to crate vector images.


3.- If you use them please tag me on your photos on Instagram or Twitter. Have fun!


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