Monster and Gods, vectors and patterns

Dark wine red text: Monster and Gods, vectors and patterns, Illustrations of dragons and Roman gods

Monsters and Gods

On February 25th, the Smithsonian Museum released 2.8 million images into Public Domain.
You can check the images here:

So, I made a quick research on monsters and I found some interesting images of marine monsters and centaurs fighting, as in the old times they surely did. And some vignettes. I vectorized them using Inkscape, a program similar to Illustrator, but open source and free.

Also, I made some patterns using the new utility in Photoshop (Create from Image tool), that you can find in Libraries, clicking the plus button and choosing the option "Create from Image". You can create patterns, vectorize, create gradients and color palettes from one or more images.

Aaron Nace, from Phlearn has a super easy to follow tutorial about it.
Check it here:


Behind the Scenes

1.- Font in use: Aventine by Stephen French.
2.- Download5 different vectors in two colors (as .svg and .pdf files) and 6 patterns with no background in black color (in a .pat file).



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