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Recently, a contact at Linkedin asked me about free ebooks about Web Design. I made him a list and I am sharing here the list with you. I researched for free books only.

Download 50+ Free Books To Master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap And WordPress

12 Free UX & UI Books That Worth Your Reading for 2018
Please, pay attention to The UX Book and Don’t Make Me Think are not free.

50 Free eBooks for Web Designers & Developers

Free UX Ebooks: Thoughtful content on mobile & web prototyping, wireframing, mockups, usability testing, project management, design process & more.

A book series on JavaScript. @YDKJS on twitter.

Free eBook – A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

Free eBook – The Complete Beginner’s Guide to React

Free eBook – Learn and Master Node.js

Free Ebook – C# Programming for Human Beings

Front-End Developer Handbook 2018. Written by Cody Lindley

Top Free eBooks for Web Designers & Web Developers by Bradley Nice


Become a HTML and CSS Developer – Build a Responsive Website

Intro to HTML5 Game Development

Unity Game Development – Create a Basketball Game

Updated May/5/2018:

Scrimba is a new way of teaching and learning how to code. We call it interactive code screencasts. Here’s why it's a great way of learning.

Learn to code HTML by Shay Howe

Updated May/26/2018

Getting Started With CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew at Smashing Magazine (Article)

A Complete Guide to Grid by Chris House at CSSTricks (Article)

Updated May/29/2018

7 tools to create a site that works for everyone

Updated July/01/2018

Internet is hard
Learn html and css for free: Flexbox, Responsive Design, Responsive Images, Semantic HTML, Web Typography, etc.
Maintained by Oliver James @internetinghard

Updated July/3/2018

The Vue Handbook
by Favio Copes

9 Places to Learn How to Code in 15 Minutes or Less a Day by @larrykim at @thestartup_

Updated July/17/2018 was created by university instructors and app developers Trevor Greenleaf and Peter Medina to provide free lessons on web development for their respective students and anybody else who wants to learn code. features video series on topics ranging from introductory HTML to leveraging the power of APIs to create interactive websites.

Want to learn TypeScript? Here’s our free 22-part course.

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