Curve and LUT Auburn

The Auburn Curve & LUT intensifies the yellows and reds of your photos. The green are darkened. In some of the pictures The darks are muted and they get a matte effect. I preferred to use it in 90% or less intensity in some images. It is mostly indicated  for images with lots of  yellows. But you can always try with other ones. Show me your results!

Behind the Scenes

1. The images sources:

John Towner

Lucy Heath

Aidan Meyer

Austin Neill

Jeremy Thomas

Rachael Crowe - Kamil Malinowski and Pawel Malinowski
Kamil Malinowski and Pawel Malinowski

2. The fonts in use are:

Priscilla Script Free Typeface by ianmikraz studio

Bangers by Vernon Adams

3. Click here to download the Photoshop Curve & LUT Auburn in 2 different formats: Curve and LUT( .acv file and .cube files), including License & Instructions. Everything in a zip file.



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