Illustration: Berliner Dom by Pablo Lara H

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit the amazing city of Berlin. So, I am going to tell you what it was my itinerary and show you some of the wonders of the old world, which looks shiny and bright new, by the way.

The first stop was an hotel at Mitte.

The Mitte is the downtown and the best place to stay. It is really quiet and you do not see people in the streets after 11:00. I got the beginnings of the Spring, so it has sun from 6 am to 9:30 pm. The silence and the extended sun hours were a surprise for me. Here in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by the hills, we are losing the sun very early, even in summer. Back in the days in my country, Chile, I had several hours of sun between September and March. Nice to remember in Germany how much hours of light you can have.

You have several restaurants there. Near of our hotel was the Gendarmenmarkt. We ate in every restaurant in the square, with the exception of the most expensive ones.

The german kitchen is plenty of sausages and meats of all kinds. We drunk lots of national beer and I was doing some chaos asking for a Corona (Stupid turrrrist!).

The first monument I visited, dressed with formal attires because our luggage was lost between Rio de Janeiro and London, was the Brandenburg Tor and the Berliner Fernsehturm. The Berliner Fernsehturm is the TV Antenna which have become a symbol of the city. It was cloudy and we thought we would not be able to watch anything. But we were surprised with the view of the city: fifty per cent covered with clouds and rains, fifty per cent sunny and sunsetting. Pôr de sol, the brazilians say. Amazing.

The Fernsehturm is a television tower in central Berlin, Germany. Close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte, the tower was constructed between 1965 and 1969 by the administration of the German Democratic Republic.(Wikipedia)

The Branderburg Tor is enormous and beautiful. Neoclassical. Out of time. Perfect. Behind there was a demonstration about the milk (oh my, watch it at Getty Images). And if you walk a litte you can find the Tiergarten Park.

The Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) is an 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin, and one of the best-known landmarks of Germany. It is built on the site of a former city gate that marked the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel.(Wikipedia)

Then we walked miles by the river Spree from the Bundestag to the Museumsinsel.And back.

The Museumsinsel captured my soul. We bought the three days ticket, which is cheaper than the unique entrance ones. Also known as Three Days Pass.We visit the Neues, Pergamon and the Bode museums. I saw the real Nefertiti there, but you cannot take pictures of her. I saw the statues of Akhenaten. I saw old oil paintings at the Bode Museum. If you are moved by art like me, you have to visit.

Museum Berlin and Schloss Sanssouci tickets.

Then we visited the Potsdam palaces, where you can visit, between other places: Ensemble of artistic ruins on the Ruinenberg, Orangery Palace or the New Orangery on the Klausberg, Bildergalerie, the Windmill and the famous Schloss Sanssouci.

Sanssouci is the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, near Berlin. It is often counted among the German rivals of Versailles. (Wikipedia)

Oh my Gosh, so rococo! So much gold everywhere that I wanted to die because I am poor and I cannot afford gold for my windows and ceiling and kitchen table. Even the mirrors were covered of gold. I looked suspiciously to the chairs and tables because they were possibly stuffed with gold too.

I do not pretend to make this site a gossip place, but it looks like Frederick the Great was the formal boyfriend of Voltaire. Just saying.

You can take a bus from Berlin and you will be there in no time. We have a small dinner in the town, eating vietnamese and enjoying the weather. It was so delicious just sit there in the table outside the restaurant and feel the warmth of the light wind in your face, exactly like when I was a kid in my country.

Finally, we had to go back home.

Some tips:

Oh! Near the subway station of Friedrichstrasse we bought a pair of corduroy pants for 2 euros. I found the receipt. The store name is Jimmy's. Obviously it was a Sale. Their normal prices are higher.
It is located at

Jimmy's, clothes store, Berlin

The subway stations do not sell the tickets. You have to buy them on the journal stores. So be aware.

Berliner Fersehturm and Subway tickets

So, I absolutely recommend Germany to visit. Everybody there speak english, boys! They make the life easy for you. It must looks as a detail, but it is not. There are some countries in Europe where no one seems to notice we are not in the 18th century anymore. I was in Berlin one week and it was not enough time to see and visit everything (or a big part at least).

Just to illustrate the trip, here you have some pics. If you need some advice or you have questions, leave a comment or contact me via email or the contact form in the Contact me page.

And listen Rufus Wainright singing Sanssouci:

And this is me getting fat. I mean it.

Behind the Scenes
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