Today is a very especial day for me.
I was selected from a group of 220 applicants for a workshop with a very talented chilean writer.
His name is Pablo Simonetti and you can check his web here:
He is the author of Madre que estás en los cielos, Vidas Vulnerables and La Razon de los Amantes.

I am really proud to be part of this workshop. From 220 participants he chose just 6 for the workshop of this year.
I have been writing almost secretly for long time. I have even a novel waiting to be published there (and maybe not, because it is some sort of biographical novel) . But I think now is the chance to give some time to this ability.
Here some images in the web about this workshop:

I hope to get something cool written in a few months more.

No matter what,
follow your dreams.

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