I was visiting Brazil in october of the past year. I love Rio. You have to live the experience. The nice weather all day, the seaside and the amazing geography and landscapes.
And there are a lot of museums to visit. A lot of culture.
I made and article about Found Typography for Inspiredology.com, invited by Chad Mueller.

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Absolutely not. But I am really happy because:

1.- I am in the list of Design Juices prepared about the creative people in Twitter:


2.- My bussines cards are in the new site Pixel Cards:

http://pixelcards.net/gallery/pablo-lara-h-illustrations/ (Off-line)

3.- Update One: Interview at Nenuno.


4.- Update Two: Mention at Web Design Mash.


5.- Update Three: Pablo Lara for OutSmart 2010


Thank you to the owners of these sites for the sharing.

I am very happy because I was accepted at 9rules.

"9rules is a place where members and readers can connect, build relationships, and learn new things. 9rules started in 2003 with a set of 9 rules:

   1. Love what you do.
   2. Never stop learning.
   3. Form works with function.
   4. Simple is beautiful.
   5. Work hard, play hard.
   6. You get what you pay for.
   7. When you talk, we listen.
   8. Must constantly improve.
   9. Respect your inspiration.

In 2006 we realized we had two needs to fill, those of our members and our readers. We found that our member and reader needs were very different and to make things more complex, the needs of our readers varied greatly. To address those issues a drastic change was required for the 9rules site. The new site, Ali, had two areas. One area for member content and one for socializing.
Hey, We Never Said We Were Perfect

When Ali launched there was confusion on what 9rules was. Was it a blog network? A portal? A social site? A Digg clone? A Delicious clone? Adding the new features confused our readers. At first The Triad thought it was a design issue but, after the new design launched, realized the root problem."