Nice time creating some characters, masks and even a Noh stage for the movie "Bushido".

William Dresden, the producer, create an amazing text blurb about it:

"Bushido is a gothic thriller set in a city of secrets, involving the Japanese underworld operating in America. Pablo Lara H has been a key Conceptual Artist and Art Designer in the project since its inception. His attention to detail and his unique style helped bring Bushido to life in its early stages of development. Bushido is written and produced by William Dresden and Grayson Wolfe. The production team will be showcasing the film in 2013 on the international film circuit."

For more images, check:

Today is a very especial day for me.
I was selected from a group of 220 applicants for a workshop with a very talented chilean writer.
His name is Pablo Simonetti and you can check his web here:
He is the author of Madre que estás en los cielos, Vidas Vulnerables and La Razon de los Amantes.

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