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Web Design & Dev

InfiniWall is a script for desktop and mobile that lets you pan/scroll a potentially infinite number of elements on screen.

Free HTML snippets for Bootstrap

Use inherit to reduce repetition of CSS property values

CSS3 Code Snippets
A collection of open source UI components coded with modern HTML, CSS, and Sass.

Understanding CSS Filter Effects

Interactive Globe with CSS Shaders & GOOGLE Maps

Weekend Presentation: SMACSS

Receding Background Modal Boxes

How to turn jQuery accordion into CSS3 accordion

Organizing Enterprise-Level Applications

Restyle Your CSS Declarations With CSScomb

Notes from my BD Conf Workshop

Codiad (app)
A web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements

Scout (app)
Scout is a cross-platform app that delivers the power of Sass & Compass into the hands of web designers.

Subverting The Cascade: Using !important In CSS!important-In-CSS

CSS Hórus – A CSS framework for responsive and mobile websites

Stacking changes coming to POSITION:FIXED elements

Chrome Dev Tools: Markup and Style

r2d2b2g: an experimental prototype Firefox OS test environment

Open Source CMS MODX Launches Cloud Service

How to Install Extensions Not Available in the Chrome Web Store [Video]

WideText jQuery Plugin has the most comprehensive browser support charts for web features. By @Fyrd

CSS3Ps - free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3

Chris Coyier: Media Queries for high resolution displays

A Lightweight Circular Slider / Carousel jQuery Plugin

How to Use Adobe Edge Web Fonts on Your Site

Build Your First JavaScript Library

Pedalboard.js: A JavaScript Guitar Effect Framework using the Web Audio API

Custom drop-down lists styling

Custom User @mixins

The Code Side Of Color

HTML Tabs: Complete tutorial and plugin

CSS3 Stitched Effect

A Guide to Guides (Part 1)

A Look Into: CSS3 Linear Gradient

How To Create Your First iPhone App (2012 Edition)

CSScomb: Sorting CSS Properties, The Better Way

Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything?

15 Great Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

Creating a modal window with HTML5 & CSS3

Open Source ASP.NET Shopping Cart: AspxCommerce

Master the new CSS layout properties

15 Perfect HTML5 Video Players for Your Projects


How To Create a Floating Sticky Footer Bar in Blogger

How To Create a Mega Drop Down Menu in Blogger

Awesome Tips To Resize And Edit Images On Blogger & Picasa

TIP: Making Index Page Images Link To The Post Page


Design A Clean And Elegant Blog Layout In Photoshop CS6

Photoshop: Create Plaids & Checks

How to Properly Add a Stroke Using Photoshop Layer Styles

Quick Tip: How to Create a Clear and Concise Brand Identity Guide

Reviewing Adobe Illustrator’s Extensive Gradients Toolset

Manage Common Design Elements using Photoshop Variables


Using Polar Coordinates to Turn Landscapes into Planets and More

Raw Tuesday: how to rescue a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw

Syncing And Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalog With Dropbox

Time lapse photography: how to shoot stunning sequences without any hassle

ExposureUnderstanding Exposure - ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

How to Read and Use Histograms

{Before & After} How to Create a Black & White “Matte” Photo

Introduction to the Tools of Long Exposure Photography


Daily Tip: Great Review Site for Checking Out WordPress Plugins

10 Must-Know Skills for a WordPress Plugin Developer

Child Themes Basics and Creating Child Themes in WordPress

Post Forking – A Collaborative Approach to WordPress Content Curation

Jetpack 1.8 Gives Any WordPress Site a Mobile Theme

Using LESS with WordPress

5 Tools for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites from One Location

Your WordPress Disaster Recovery Plan

How to Create Grid Column Content in WordPress the “Right” Way

Create A Random Post Custom Page

Responsive Measure – A jQuery plugin for generating a responsive ideal measure


Tinfoil Security launches to show you where your site is most vulnerable


Best Free RSS Readers

The best apps, communities & tools for writers and journalists

MyPermissions: Check and Clean Apps With Access to Your Personal Accounts

16 Best, Online Collaborative Design Apps for Creative Feedback and Client Sign-off


Quick One: Converting a multi-page PDF to a JPG for each page on OSX

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps in Your “Open With” List [Mac]

20 Awesome Reader Submitted Mac Tips and Tricks


Use QR Codes to Get More Facebook Likes

5 Pricing Tips to Earn More on Client Projects


Future Friendly

"Images" from the edge of a black hole

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