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How to Identify and Fix a Hacked WordPress Website

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5 Funky WordPress Snippets to Customize Your Comments

Prevent Posts in a Category From Displaying in WordPress’ RSS Feed

How To: Integrate WordPress with other Popular CMSs

Display A WordPress Search Form

Create a Custom WordPress Login Without Plugins

Grid Layout responsive wordpress theme Brushin

Maintain All Your WordPress Websites From A Central Location

WordPress Plugin Releases for 9/24

Posting via the Front End: Inserting

WP Tips #7: User Friendly And Fun Captcha Services

Local Host Wordpress Development With MAMP

5 Best FeedBurner Alternatives For Your WordPress Blog

Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics Alternative!

Better WordPress Captions

Grid Layout responsive wordpress theme

Free WordPress Lazy Load Social Buttons Plugin


Choosing Lenses: When to Use Which Lens and Why

Using a White Wall as a Photo Background

News-Wanna learn WordPress for Free??

Film Photography Tutorial | Getting the Best Exposure

Control your tones in black and white conversions

Getting Started with DSLR Video: Part One

Caffenol: develop your film using coffee

The Best Ways To Make Your Photos Black & White

Learn About Light Painting

Shoot Like A Pro: essential flash techniques for outdoor portraits

Raw Tuesday: shooting raw files the right way

8 Tips for Long Exposure Photography


Free Ravda Blogger Template

Free Blogger Responsive Blogger Template

Free DesignMag Blogger Template

Free Vento Blogger Template


What Is A Production Artist

PSD to HTML Tutorial: Code a Photoshop File to a Working Website

Create a Simple Sea Horse in Adobe Illustrator

Retouching a model in Photoshop

Photo Manipulate an Eerie Grim Reaper Scene in Photoshop

Shining Superhero Text in Pixelmator 2.1

Create a Set of Glossy Labels and Save them for Web

Design a Cool Radio Icon in Photoshop

Abstract Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS 6

Unify an image with Selective Color

Web Design & Dev

CSS3 patterned buttons


jQuery Impromptu – A nice replacement for an alert, prompt, and confirm

CSS Fluid Image Techniques for Responsive Site Design

Optimize Mac OS X For Web Development

The First Instance Of An Element: Adjacent, first-child, and nth-of-type Selectors

Working With Cookies In Javascript

lenticular.js - tilt-controlled images

Simple & Responsive CSS Framework: Base

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course!

StickyMojo.js – A Sticky Sidebar jQuery Plugin

Browser Specific Hacks

ImageMapster – A jQuery plugin that activates HTML imagemaps

TopUp is an easy to use Javascript library for unobtrusively displaying images and webpages

Multi-Resolution Favicons and Safari’s Reading List

A browser benchmark that has your back: Robohornet

Bower is a package manager for the web. Bower lets you easily install assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript, and manages dependencies for you.

CSS3 Conditional Statements

Create a CSS Flipping Animation

Designing for Mobile, Part 1: Information Architecture

Negating CSS Rules With :not

Custom Scrollbars in WebKit

Great idea: Turn your website error pages into bulletins to help find missing children

3D Restaurant Menu Concept

Enable Users To Switch On/Off Responsive Layouts With ReView

Swishy CSS3 navigation

Adobe “Create the Web”

Default CSS Display Values for Different HTML Elements


Sprite Cow
Generate CSS for Sprite Images Broadcast for the geeks

25 Online Tools To Generate Pronounceable / Random Passwords

Helpful Resources and Webapps for New Web Developers

CSS Filter Lab by Adobe

Adobe Edge Web Fonts
Get started with free web fonts.


Create A Realistic Handwritten “Write-on” Using Expressions

Beginner’s Guide To: Producing Your First Youtube Tutorial


35+ awesome and free @font-face kits

Why Icon Fonts Are Awesome

Sosa Icon Font

Free fonts by Roger White


Google launches Google for Entrepreneurs to keep an even closer eye on startups around the world


30+ Seamless Patterns for Photoshop


The Museum of Cigarette Packaging

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