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Quick Tip: How to Illustrate a Retro Speech Bubble with the Spiral Tool
 Recreating the Alphabet Photoshop Brushes in 4 Easy Steps
 Quick Tip: How to Create a Missile Icon using Gradients and Simple Shapes
 Creative Sandbox
A showcase of marketing campaigns that blend creative genius with digital innovation. See cool stuff. Learn how it was done. Vote on your favorites.
 Design a Retro Layout in Photoshop: Starting Out Vectorian Free Vector Pack
 How to Illustrate a Super Cute Monster with Custom Brushes 
Photoshop Stitches and Dashes with Brushes


 Optimize Your WordPress Site to Load Faster
 Get a Different WordPress Theme on Different Pages or Posts
 Integrating With WordPress’ UI: Meta Boxes on Custom Pages
 A Guide to Canonicalization for WordPress
 WordPress Plugin Releases for 9/20
 The Best Social Media Profile Promotion Plugins for WordPress
 Zion WordPress Theme for Churches
 Integrating With WordPress’ UI: Admin Pointers
 How to Use Font Awesome Twitter Bootstrap Icons in WordPress
 Citing Sources: How to Bring Footnotes into a Typical WordPress Installation 
Change Posts Text In Admin Menu

 Fonts & Typography:

 Selfa V2
 Download free fonts: 20 great resources
 American specimen book of type styles : complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies. 1912 ([c1912])
 30 Latest High-Quality Free Fonts for Designers


 Antique White Action & Walk Through
 Using the LCD and Getting Better Border Patrol
 Basic Graduated Neutral Density Filter
 High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos – Part 1


 How to Set Up Your Company in Bing Business Portal

 Web Design & Dev

 Berta CMS
 Masking HTML elements with gradient-based fadeouts
 ImageMapster – A jQuery plugin that activates HTML imagemaps
 Daily Tip: Two Free PHP & Javascript Libraries for WordPress Developers
 Mastering CSS Gradients in Under an Hour
 HTML5 hidden Attribute
 Create Your Own CSS3 Progress Bars
 How to Embed Large Panoramas in your Website
 Best practices for mobile e-commerce
 Using LESS as a Live CSS Engine
 CSS Ellipsis: How to Manage Multi-Line Ellipsis in Pure CSS
 Free Responsive HTML5 Portfolio Template: IAmCreative


 Jquery Unleash Accordion Image Slider For Blogger
 How To Add About Author Box Below Each Post In Blogger
Twitter Cards for Blogger
 30 Stunning Red Blogger Templates For Free Download
 eSpecial Light Template
 Yasmin Template
 Western Template
 MBL Freshable Magazine Theme/Template For Blogger


 Introducing Vimeo Creator Services: Helping Creators Make Money


 20 Desktop Tools To Generate And Manage Passwords
 Best Web Fonts
A curated list/tool with only the best google fonts from the fantastic google directory
 Best Apps to Manage Your Passwords on OS X [Mac]
 12 Definitive Wireframe Tools for Designer
 Search for free vectors, images and psds
 75 tools for Creative Thinking
 SCM Music Player seamless music for your website


 Texture Thursday: Red Spray
 Nature’s Bounty: 30 Free Packs of Natural Textures
 September 2012 Texture Set & Walk Through
 Smooth Web App UI Kit
 8 Page Logo Specification Book Template for Download
 Freebie Friday: 5 Textured Stain Brushes
 50 free Photoshop actions for portrait photographers 50 free photo frames and borders for Photoshop
 25 free triptych photo frames for Photoshop
 10 free photo grids for Photoshop
 Magnolia Free – Infographic PSD Template


 BLANK: The new Graphic Novel Series


 How to Earn Top Dollar Working as a Freelance Blogger 
The font in use: Selfa V2
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