Useful Links August 28 2012

 Web Dev & Design

 Master CSS pixels for Retina displays at Net Magazine

A simple JavaScript plugin which detects SVG images on your website, and automatically "looks" for a standard image fallback for those older, less capable browsers.

10 Best Open Source Tools for Web Developers at Developer Drive blog

Paginator is a script for hiding anything that isn't in the current section that has been navigated to within a webpage, effectively making isolated subpages within a webpage.

11 Most Useful jQuery Plugins To Enhance Typography  at Smashing Apps

Free jQuery Plugin For Responsive Images: jQuery Picture at Greepit

21 Handy Online Tools To Test Your Code Snippets and Preview Your Work Instantly at Designbeep


How to make an image from multiple raw conversions at Practical Photoshop

10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour [Illustrated] at Digital Photography School 

The levitation photography cheat sheet the jump shot guide at Graphicmania

 Lightroom Presets – Focal Point Background Effects at The Sky Report

 How to sharpen raw files for printing using Adobe Camera Raw at Practical Photoshop


Encrypt Your Dropbox Folder with BoxProtect [Mac] at Make Tech Easier

How to Reduce and Optimize PNG Images at Christopher Price Blog


Handy Substitutes of Adobe Photoshop for Designers at DzinePress

Tutorial: Instagram 1977 effect (retro/vintage) at MC Digital Photography Blog

“FM Theme” a free, modern and clean PSD template at Francesco Mugnai Blog


10 Essential WordPress Plugins for a Political Website at WPMU org

How to Analyze Your WordPress Installation’s Performance at Envato WP


47 – Free Typeface by Hendrick Rolandez at Fribly blog

Source Sans Pro: Adobe’s first open source type family

Thorup Sans by Dan Thorup


25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan at 50 Watts

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