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Jeannie Phan « @escapeintolife by @cookitaly http://ow.ly/3Ma7d

Ajax Load Container Contents | CSS-Tricks http://ow.ly/3Ma6N

How to Sustain a Blog for a Longer Period Time | Blog Godown http://ow.ly/3M9YG

HOW TO: Optimize Your Company's LinkedIn Profile     http://ow.ly/3M9XW

DailyJS: PhantomJS, load.js, Phantom Limb, OpenOdyssey   http://ow.ly/3M9WU

Aela Labbé : @Burstoid http://ow.ly/3M9Sm

Rafael Grampa http://post.ly/1Xr5A

Norman Saunders - Topps Nutty Initial Stickers, 1967     http://ow.ly/3M6Nk

Q & A with Orman Clark, creator of Premium Pixels - WPCandy   http://ow.ly/3M6qn

Looks like good Prints by Walter Hansen http://ow.ly/3M6pv

GuideGuide Photoshop Plug-in | The Donut Project     http://ow.ly/3M6hh

12 Fun & Clever Examples of HTML5 | Inspiration    http://ow.ly/3M6cH

Interview Nick James Freelance Writer and Copywriter | @designjuices http://ow.ly/3M68i

SearchPSD - The PSD source http://ow.ly/3M5UU

Marta Dahlig http://post.ly/1Xq76

Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin (update) http://ow.ly/3M5Ei

Celina de Guzman http://post.ly/1Xq4i

Showcase of Depth and Perspective in Web Design | Codrops     http://ow.ly/3M5md

Detailed Technology Photoshop Brush Sets (1000+ Brushes) | Speckyboy http://ow.ly/3M55b

Zoe Lacchei http://post.ly/1Xpvr

Plugin: The WordPress Mobile Detector | WordPress Resources http://ow.ly/3M4Kf

Why Make Effective Networking Part Of Your Freelance Job    http://ow.ly/3M4xu

5 tips to keep your online data private - Freelance Advisor     http://ow.ly/3M4hq

Tall Unicycle and Bike Posters by Barrel New York @FlyerGoodness http://ow.ly/3M4cw

Sites of the Week #138 | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3M47G

After Effects Apprentice: The Video Series http://ow.ly/3M46M

10 Tips for Providing Great Customer Service to Your Clients      http://ow.ly/3M45p

Wunderlist- Task Manager for Mac OS X and Windows     http://ow.ly/3M3Z6

The Thomas Beale Cipher | Fubiz™ http://ow.ly/3M3XK

30 Animal Inspired Photoshop Brush Sets | Naldz Graphics     http://ow.ly/3M3TO

HTML5 Articles, Sections and Asides Tutorial | Think Vitamin    http://ow.ly/3M3SY

The Gloaming : @Burstoid http://ow.ly/3M3HJ

Data Privacy Day 2011: a roundup of add-ons, tools and tips to protect yourself online http://ow.ly/3M3GR

Applying Color Schemes Requires Seeing Them Anew | Webdesigner Depot http://ow.ly/3M2Dm

Photorealistic and Highly Detailed Artworks by Iain Macarthur | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3M2Ci

Pricing table PSD template :: GraphicsFuel.com      http://ow.ly/3M2n0

Sharpen in Photoshop as a smart filter Strake       http://ow.ly/3M2cN

TeuxDeux: Getting Things Done With Simplicity & Style     http://ow.ly/3M2bN

28 Fresh Websites owned by Design Studios | Onextrapixel   http://ow.ly/3M257

Create a Vintage Art Deco Poster with Illustrator’s Grain Effect | Vectortuts+ http://ow.ly/3M20G

Tutorials for Making Your Website Mobile Friendly - Noupe Design Blog http://ow.ly/3M1Z4

Friday Fix January 24 - January 28 Inspiredology    http://ow.ly/3M1OO

Delicious Drinks Illustrations by Fabio Rex | @Abduzeedo     http://ow.ly/3M1Nm

10 quick tips for first time freelancers | SpyreStudios     http://ow.ly/3M1Ku

The Psychology of Color – Must See for Web Designers [Infographic] | Tech King http://ow.ly/3M1Jm

How to Take Great Photos | Psdtuts+ http://ow.ly/3M1GQ

Angelica Paige http://post.ly/1Xp6y

Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon aka Teetering Bulb    http://post.ly/1Xp3j

Veronica Fish http://post.ly/1Xovi

Dan Grzeca http://post.ly/1Xot9

Designing Vigegram: A Handmade Project | Viget Inspire    http://ow.ly/3M0Gt

Photo: (by Aëla Labbé) http://tumblr.com/xn91d83fkr

30 Best Free Vector Icons | Vector Diary http://ow.ly/3M0nT

Friday Fresh Free Fonts #85 | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3M0hn

Egypt turns off internet, Lieberman wants same option for US - Boing Boing http://ow.ly/3M0fG

Chrome metal steampunk goggles — @lostateminor       http://ow.ly/3M0c0

Tumblr founder says that users who complain about site issues should “go away” http://ow.ly/3M074

Myousic: an HTML5-powered jukebox in your browser        http://ow.ly/3M05c

mario sughi aka nerosunero's exhibition at Iontas       http://flic.kr/p/9dNomA

RT @nerosunero

Vida del ilustrador Manuel Olmos-Rodriguez @olmocs     http://bit.ly/g6gFBq

RT @basekitlatino

robotic hand + arm http://ow.ly/3LWcT

Five Things to Do with Your Old Laptop     http://gizmo.do/gDbMYu

/via @Alyssa_Milano @DavidBTwit @kobyb

Google won't autocomplete "bittorrent" but will autocomplete "how to kidnap a child" - Boing Boing http://ow.ly/3LFlf

200+ Fresh and Really Useful Design and Web Development Articles - tripwire magazine http://ow.ly/3LFjN

How Users in Egypt Are Bypassing Twitter & Facebook Blocks    http://ow.ly/3LF8M


Quora Blocks Startup Search Engines http://ow.ly/3LF49

AENY Jan 2011 Presentation on AE Scripts http://ow.ly/3LF0J

BibliOdyssey: Horse Bits http://ow.ly/3LEVX

Top 100 job search websites and categories http://ow.ly/3LyZN

Lost Vivaldi Concerto Resurrected - Click to Listen       http://ow.ly/3LyQF

How Many UX Designers Does It Take to Fix 5 Social Problems? http://ow.ly/3LyHT

India's most expensive movie yields most astonishingly violent and demented action-scene in cinematic history     http://ow.ly/3LyCk

GhostBloggers marketplace to buy unique niche content and allow ghost writers to earn money writing http://ow.ly/3LynG

Ray Kurzweil’s Tech Predictions Have Been Eerily Accurate | Techi.com http://ow.ly/3Lyle

Great Design Videos to Instruct, Inspire & Educate | @designjuices http://ow.ly/3Ly8y

12 Excellent HTML5 eBooks for Web Professionals | Template Monster http://ow.ly/3Ly3k

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de El Rocio, Andalucia #travel#Spain #Andalucia #ElRocio http://flic.kr/p/5HhxfC
RT @fredshively

Amazing Photographs from Egypt, The Story of 7000 Years @rafiqelmansy http://ow.ly/3Lvko

The Monster List of Freelance Job Sites – 2011 Update      http://ow.ly/3Lvaf

Daily Inspiration #730 | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3Lv5E

20+ essential apps for new Mac users http://ow.ly/3Lv1g

Using Lightroom’s ‘edit in photoshop’ feature   http://ow.ly/3LuWi

13 Most Robust Wordpress Plugins To Speed Up Your Blog's Loading Time http://ow.ly/3LuGI

Using progressive enrichment – CSS3 properties you can use today http://ow.ly/3LuBw

ExpressionTimeline: a script to modify expressions      http://ow.ly/3LuwI

Resatio Adi Putra’s Dreamy Collages   http://ow.ly/3Luqi

Treat Your Clients Right -They’re Important! | [Re]Encoded.com http://ow.ly/3Lupm

28 Minimal Icons in PSD, PNG And JPG Formats | Greepit     http://ow.ly/3LufW

Styling Full Width Tabs with CSS3 | Css Globe    http://ow.ly/3Lucp

Nice Web Type – CSS and type rendering http://ow.ly/3LubX

35 Specialty Galleries for Your Design Inspiration | Vandelay Design Blog http://ow.ly/3Lubk

WordPress Poll and Survey Plug-ins | Devlounge     http://ow.ly/3LuaC

Kira Shaimanova http://post.ly/1XbHM

Wardell Brown Gets Creative With "GET D!RAWN" http://ow.ly/3LtNt

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