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The links for this post are:

Sebastien Tixier  http://photographyinmydna.posterous.com/post/2960172740/sebastien-tixier

Fanity: a Google Reader for the music obsessed http://ow.ly/3LnEr

LinkedIn Buys Business Card Converter CardMunch, Will Offer Its Services For Free http://ow.ly/3LnqY

12+ WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Do Without | Admix Web http://ow.ly/3LnoH

Add a Mobile Landing Page to Your Site | Build Internet     http://ow.ly/3LneO

Quora + CrunchBase + LinkedIn = Best Extension Ever?   http://ow.ly/3LmCu

Mike Ludlow, Paperback Cover Artist http://ow.ly/3LmBE

30 Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers and Designers | VisonwidGet http://ow.ly/3Lm7w

New Startup Crowdsources Location-Based Talk Radio [INVITES] - http://on.mash.to/fC74Lh

30 Easy To Understand PSD To HTML/CSS Tutorials      http://ow.ly/3LlVO

Around the Web: JESS3′s State of Wikipedia, Daily Dozen, & Evan Hamilton | Think Vitamin http://ow.ly/3LlUP

The New Yorker Covers | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3LlHe

Dave Imms - Dave Imms . People and Places and Things     http://photographyinmydna.posterous.com/post/2959528101/dave-imms

World Design Expo ’89 – Nagoya, Japan / Aqua-Velvet    http://ow.ly/3Lldt

Google Engages in Subtle Form of Censorship     http://ow.ly/3Ll3C

Springloops 2.0 – Brand New UI with Ticketing & Git Support | Web Resources | WebAppers http://ow.ly/3LkSi

McLuhan centennial site: non-quotable quips from an eminently quotable fellow - Boing Boing http://ow.ly/3LkJC

H-57 Creative Station @FlyerGoodness http://ow.ly/3LkIn

HTML5 Wordpress Themes  http://ow.ly/3LkzJ

Anthony Pugh http://post.ly/1XYip

Wagner Willian http://post.ly/1XYdh

5 Things That Could Kill Your Business and How To Avoid It | [Re]Encoded.com http://ow.ly/3Lk26

People of HTML5 – Rob Hawkes ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog http://ow.ly/3LjMX

Angry Blue http://post.ly/1XYWy

Julianna Swaney http://post.ly/1XYRk

Please All Types of Clients: Guide to Choosing Color Combinations http://ow.ly/3Lj76

15 Useful Free Android Apps for Web Developers | Speckyboy    http://ow.ly/3Lj5e

The Gloaming Trailer | Fubiz™ http://ow.ly/3LiZr

5 High Resolution Brick & Tile Textures | Premium Pixels  http://ow.ly/3LiY7

Would You Like to See How Big Cities Looked Like Hundred Years Ago? | InspireFirst http://ow.ly/3LiQu

Creating and Implementing Your Marketing Plan (Part 2): Online Collaboration « http://ow.ly/3LiNT

Symmetry in Design: Concepts, Tips and Examples http://ow.ly/3LiAq

Design an Awesome 80′s Inspired Title Animation AE http://ow.ly/3LiyY

Minus, the minimalist photo sharing site, gets a maximum of new features http://ow.ly/3Liod

Starting A Web Design Business | Webdesigner Depot      http://ow.ly/3LimA

12 Tutorials and Instructions For After Effects | Cromoart      http://ow.ly/3LiiN

How To Install BSA (BuySellAds) Ad Code into Blogger | TutorialFeed http://ow.ly/3LihH

Illustrator @wilmermurillo is giving away a glicee print!      http://bit.ly/fdEb6Z

Onno Knuvers http://post.ly/1XY0Y

Free Minimal, Swiss Design WordPress Themes (4 Themes) - Smashing Magazine http://ow.ly/3Li42

Where antibiotic resistant superbugs come from: biology explained at a "3d grade reading level" http://ow.ly/3LhYU

Photographers: You’re Now Officially Free To Shoot In Public Places And Outside Federal Buildings http://ow.ly/3LhY2

Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery | Codrops     http://ow.ly/3LhVj

Pro Techniques for Smarter and Faster Blogging | Design Shack http://ow.ly/3LhIh

3 Ways To Network with Other Creative People | @UnderworldMagz http://ow.ly/3LhGZ

Drupal 7 Cheat Sheet Desktop Wallpaper | QuicklyCode    http://ow.ly/3LhyP

Five Questions with Zoe Mickley Gillenwater | CSS-Tricks       http://ow.ly/3LhxS

Using CSS3 and @font-face to use any custom font on a web site - Robert's talk http://ow.ly/3Lec0

New Startup Tackles Cloud Application Management for the Enterprise http://ow.ly/3Lfn3

Must-Have Tools for the Beginning Web Designer | Tech King       http://ow.ly/3Lfjg

Samuel Castaño http://post.ly/1XXEH

Brad Renner http://post.ly/1XXB6

The Dilemma of Choosing the Perfect CMS | instantShift       http://ow.ly/3LeCA

Roxanne Daner http://post.ly/1XX31

Introducing: Chris Halderman | @Abduzeedo     http://ow.ly/3LekW

Writing Web Content: The Top 15 Rules for Better Copy | Onextrapixel http://ow.ly/3Legp

8 High Quality Free HTML5 WordPress Themes | VisonwidGet    http://ow.ly/3Lefs

"All the World's a Page" Poster - FPO: For Print Only      http://ow.ly/3Le3F

Adrienne Kammerer http://post.ly/1XWsY

40+ Superb Examples of Fisheye Photography | Inspiration     http://ow.ly/3LdHw

TentBlogger’s SEO Categories Plugin for WordPress | TentBlogger http://ow.ly/3LdGR

TORONN とろん http://post.ly/1XWjg

8 Portfolio Phrases That Send the Wrong Message       http://ow.ly/3LdrQ

Six Areas of Technology All Freelancers MUST Stay Current With | FreelanceFolder http://ow.ly/3Ldr7

iCar flying vehicle http://ow.ly/3LcbN

scholten + baijings for hay http://ow.ly/3Lcbb

alessandro mendini: moka alessi http://ow.ly/3Lc9d

jerome spriet + wolfgang bregentzer: acoustable       http://ow.ly/3Lc8i

Ghostbuster, Watchmen, Tron, Batman, Kick-ass, etc – Du Hello Kitty à toutes les sauces | @weLoveUfunk      http://ow.ly/3Lc7j

Michael ~CptFury http://post.ly/1XOIo

HOWTO: Design an Infographic Really Worth a Thousand Words | Template Monster http://ow.ly/3KWpU

20 Awesome Web Blog Design for Inspiration | DJDESIGNERLAB http://ow.ly/3KWoE

Black and white in Lightroom http://ow.ly/3KWba

The Best Vector Tutorials And Freebies From January 2011Vector Patterns | http://ow.ly/3KWaG

Jamie Walsh http://post.ly/1XO6Z

turning pages: Vintage pics @ellenvandesande      http://ow.ly/3KW0s

Joukuu | cloud based backup files management software!     http://ow.ly/3KVZT

HUGO Create Challenge http://ow.ly/3KVSs

Facebook Experimenting With Voice Calling http://ow.ly/3KVPD

Bene Rohlmann http://post.ly/1XNwJ

Band Search Engine Facilitates Music Discovery      http://ow.ly/3KVGt

Hilary Pecis « @escapeintolife by @cookitaly      http://ow.ly/3KVrS

Proxlet for Chrome mutes Twitter users, blocks apps, and filters hashtags http://ow.ly/3KVr8

More Contests to Enter: National Cartoonist Awards & 3x3 Illustration Pro Show http://ow.ly/3KVo6

7 Business Blogging Myths, Debunked. http://ow.ly/3KVm0

Twitter Launches New “Connections” Feature      http://ow.ly/3KVkt

How to go from lone blogger to news organization: VentureBeat http://ow.ly/3KVjQ

Nick Oliver http://post.ly/1XNbj

From Now On We Will Only Be Using The Word ‘Pivot’ In Mockery http://ow.ly/3KV3F

Mozilla Labs » Prospector » Towards Browse-Based Browsing with Home Dash http://ow.ly/3KV1z

DSM wars: the battle to define mental illness - Boing Boing     http://ow.ly/3KUZL

35 Cool Free Fonts to Add to Your Collection     http://ow.ly/3KUXu

Firefox Home Dash experiment offers a radical new UI for your Mozilla browser http://ow.ly/3KUWJ

Hilary Pecis http://cot.ag/gxVUUq  mindblowing landscape "paintings" #art #collage RT @escapeintolife

How to Use HTML5 Canvas with IE6, IE7, and IE8 http://onepixelahead.com/2010/05/12/how-to-use-html5-canvas-with-ie6-ie7-and-ie8/

Sparkle  http://cot.ag/hXWMUY
 sharp short fiction by @escapeintolife 's NEW Fiction Editor, Jessica Rosen @jessrosenbooks RT @cookitaly

20+ Great Web Applications Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software | DesignModo http://designmodo.com/20-great-web-applications-alternatives-to-popular-desktop-software/
via @designmodo @colaja

Mad As Hell! Kinetic Typography http://bit.ly/qzORQ RT @cookitaly @pixel_jockey

Qian Qian http://post.ly/1XLCP

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