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The links for this post are:

Tips and Resources to Make You a Better Designer | CrazyLeaf http://ow.ly/3KMDs

Step By Step: Bing Maps Silverlight and an Out Of Browser (OOB) Application http://ow.ly/3KMCx

How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? | BLDG//WLF http://ow.ly/3KMyQ

Klipp Concept Camera by Mac Funamizu » Yanko Design http://ow.ly/3KMyi

Find Freelancers for hire, get your next freelance project done - Project Fizz http://ow.ly/3KMwR

5 Tips For Improving Readability On Your Website | SpyreStudios http://ow.ly/3KMsp

10 Online Strategies for Your Next Product Launch    http://ow.ly/3KMrI

Redesigning The Invincible Iron Man. by @hellomuller    http://ow.ly/3KMfk

EmbedPlus - YouTube Videos, Enhanced - UsefulTools.com     http://ow.ly/3KMdN

20 cool free downloadable PSD files http://ow.ly/3KMd4

Pixelfreak.com > Rene Alejandro Hernadez      http://post.ly/1XKKq

Tips for Handling the RFP Process http://ow.ly/3KLSE

Gamify | The Gamification Platform http://ow.ly/3KLMW

Jared Andrew Schorr http://post.ly/1XKIF

Quick Tip: How to use Global Color in Adobe Illustrator | Vectortuts+ http://ow.ly/3KLz2

Using Mollify for Centralized Self-Hosted File Management     http://ow.ly/3KLyo

Dark Button Navigation 2 (PSD) | Premium Pixels     http://ow.ly/3KLkm

TED Blog | Drawing upon humor for change: Liza Donnelly on TED.com http://ow.ly/3KLjj

An Introduction to Font Accessibility http://ow.ly/3KLdB

Daily Inspiration #729 | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3KL5J

Graceful Degradation Tutorial | Think Vitamin       http://ow.ly/3KL1y

40 Beautiful and Artistic Examples of Poster Designs - tripwire magazine http://ow.ly/3KL0n

TNW Shareables » Google Ad Fail http://ow.ly/3KKVn

Julien SERVY http://post.ly/1XJw8

Official Google Blog: Explore Yad Vashem’s Holocaust archives online http://ow.ly/3KKH8

Localeaks: A Drop-Box for Anonymous Tips to 1400 U.S. Newspapers http://ow.ly/3KKGu

Artistic Expressions: Illustrative Text Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine http://ow.ly/3KKFV

10 Mobile Trends for 2011 http://ow.ly/3KKF3

How Cloud Blogging Services are Changing The Way We Publish Online | Blog Godown http://ow.ly/3KKEs

The unlogic behind free but non-commerical use fonts by @imjustcreative http://ow.ly/3KKxj

Angela N Dominguez http://post.ly/1XJow

15 Sexy iPad Apps You’ll Want to Seduce | Outlaw Design Blog     http://ow.ly/3KK76

Causevox Wants To Help Non-Profits Crowdsource Fundraising http://ow.ly/3KK5q

Aaron Kovalcsik Monkey Show http://post.ly/1XJk4

JIBE Find job in FB and LinkedIN http://ow.ly/3KJCR

☵☲ | Joshua Blankenship http://ow.ly/3KJyV

Egypt Blocks Facebook, Google - Anon Targets Egypt Govt    http://ow.ly/3KJwD

Johanna Velasco http://post.ly/1XJaA

Mother convicted of felony for fibbing in order to put her kids in a better public school - Boing Boing http://ow.ly/3KJb5

Drawn - Attention all cartoonists and illustrators! The...    http://ow.ly/3KJ1G

Wombat Tales ! BibliOdyssey http://ow.ly/3KxBc

Introduction to Developing a Custom Tumblr Blog Theme | Design Shack http://ow.ly/3Kxwk

ZEN is a HTML5-CSS3 Audio Player. I’m really happy... | simurai http://ow.ly/3KxmY

Space Mouse: Dell Comic Album 1962 > John Carey (?) « http://ow.ly/3KxfC

Creating A Mobile Version of Your Site | StylizedWeb.com   http://ow.ly/3KxeQ

Adjustment Layers in Photoshop | Psdtuts+ http://ow.ly/3Kx6p

How to Attach Files with Mail Merge in Gmail http://ow.ly/3Kx3c

12 Tips & Tricks for Shooting Great Textures (And a Free Texture Pack!) http://ow.ly/3Kx2p

Movie review: Micmacs « @escapeintolife http://ow.ly/3KwEm

Logo Menagerie – Gebrauchsgraphik 1956–1966 / @AquaVelvet     http://ow.ly/3Kwyz

Making Tidal Waves: A look at 10 ‘whales’ of the creative industry | Fuel Your Creativity http://ow.ly/3KwvM

16 Stable & Free IDEs For Designers/Developers   http://ow.ly/3Kwqe

iSendr: On demand, peer-to-peer file sharing, no cloud required. http://ow.ly/3Kwpi

Jason Holley http://post.ly/1XGJd

WordPress from A to Z: personalize the comments template (Part 2) | Your Inspiration Web http://ow.ly/3Kw5c

Cinema Posters and Lobby Cards of Andrei Tarkovsky's Films @FlyerGoodness http://ow.ly/3Kw4b

50 Fresh Sets of Free Photoshop Actions | Vandelay Design Blog http://ow.ly/3KvSV

5 Easy After Effects Expressions http://ow.ly/3KvQe

The Art of the Design Critique | Think Vitamin     http://ow.ly/3KvJA

Kristian Hammerstad     http://post.ly/1XG5d

How to Create an Artistic Watercolor Ad with Photoshop and Illustrator | Designious Times http://ow.ly/3KvB4

Logo Design Gone Wrong: 10 Offbeat Examples     http://ow.ly/3Kvt3

How to Use LinkedIn for Your Web Design Business | Webdesigner Depot http://ow.ly/3Kvqv

How to Get More Exposure for Your Freelancing Business | FreelanceFolder http://ow.ly/3Kvol

The Persistent Rise of E-Books [Infographic] http://ow.ly/3KvjC

Top 10 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs - Freelance Advisor http://ow.ly/3Kvic

Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series – Inception v2     http://ow.ly/3Kv9w

20+ Joomla Extensions | Free Resources for Designers &a Developers http://ow.ly/3KuJU

How to Unleash Your Inner Creativity? | Onextrapixel     http://ow.ly/3KuJ2

This Is Now A Poster design for Eco Heaven Bazaar — @lostateminor http://ow.ly/3KuB2

RTA-office: block 39 http://ow.ly/3KtXm

moebius-transe-forme at the fondation cartier, paris   http://ow.ly/3KtWy

Kohive- Shared Virtual Workspace for collaboration    http://ow.ly/3Kcrx

The History of Content, From Cave Paintings to Flipboard [INFOGRAPHIC] http://ow.ly/3Kcr9

Daily Inspiration #728 | @Abduzeedo http://ow.ly/3Kcit

A few TRON titles in After Effects http://ow.ly/3KchN

10 Easy Sites for File Sharing http://ow.ly/3Kc9x

Mike Ludlow's Esquire Girls http://ow.ly/3Kc8F

Quick Look: eBackers http://ow.ly/3KbLl

Designing for the New Fold: Web Design Post Monitorism | Webdesigntuts+ http://ow.ly/3KbKw

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